ShelfLink | The only real-time view of a Store

NEO Retail Solutions May 19 3 Comments

Vincent Lanz, Managing Director and co-founder of Neo Retail Solutions, answers questions around the launch of ShelfLink – a revolutionary innovation designed for retail....

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A new way forward

NEO Retail Solutions June 06 2 Comments

ShelfLink seeks to enhance in-store performance through automated structures. The current flow of operations within stores has no structured direction of staff and stock across the retail floor...

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The next evolution in Automated Retail

NEO Retail Solutions Jan 01 2 Comments

AutoAisle™ gives the Retailer another channel to serve customers, complementing traditional retail and online. These solutions are going to be playing a much more important role as Retailers move into a truly omni-channel world, geared to providing what customers want in the way they want.

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